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Balayya speaks with jackie chain

Jackie Chan VS Balayya
Our Tollywood shooting star BalaKrishna his fan call him as Balayya is going to America.He travelling in a flight and happens to get a seat beside Jackie Chan . but Balayya doesnt knowthat he isJackie Chan. their conversation goes like this-
Balayya: hello. (smiles and shakes his head)
Jackie Chan: hi, how do u do
Balayya: great. i am returning from Pandurangadu shooting in U.S
Jackie Chan: really ? cool. i am an actor myself
Balayya: i am a great actor
Jackie Chan: says who
Balayya: myself
Jackie Chan: (blank face) Good for you. they say i am a good actor too. i won a couple oscars also
Balayya: i won a couple vamsee berkeley awards
Jackie Chan: i can see that
Balayya: my father was greatest actor in the world
Jackie Chan: (surprised) dont tell me you are paul newman s only son
Balayya: i am tenth son of NTR
Jackie Chan: who is NTR
Balayya: he is the greatest actor in the world
Jackie Chan: wow and all these days i was wondering if that would be paul newman or MarlonBrando. can you name a movie of your father s ?
Balayya: superman
Jackie Chan: now you confuse me. i thought christopher reeves was superman
Balayya: acting is in my blood
Jackie Chan: interesting. i have haemoglobin in my blood
Balayya: my father was a great actor
Jackie Chan: youve said that before
Balayya: ok. theres not much more to talk for me
Jackie Chan: i would love to see some of your work
Balayya: (pulls a DVD out of his bag) here watch this
Jackie Chan: what is it
Balayya: its my latest movie seema simham .. which means lion of the area
Jackie Chan: interesting. After seeing the DVD for five minutes
Jackie Chan: (turning towards air hostess) can i be moved to a different seat please
Balayya: (smiles and shakes head)After conversation with Balayya he moved to a anotherseat in the same flight and it happens to be a next seatof Jr.NTR. EVen Jr.Ntr doesnt know that he is Jackie ChanTheir conversation goes like this:
Jackie Chan: I couldn t believe that guy was saying his father NTR was the greatest actor in the world.
Jr.NTR: Nandamuri Taraka Rama RAo, NTR, is the greatest actor in the world and my babai (uncle) is next to him
Jackie Chan (with a surprise): Who are you?
Jr.NTR: I am the true successor of the great legend NTR.
Jackie Chan : Anyway, who are you???
Jr.NTR: NTR is my tata garu: it means his my grand father. He is always with me even though he is in the heaven. MY babai....
Jackie Chan: (cuts his conversation and says) Oh God, are you also an actor?
Jr.NTR: Yes, Even though my babai doesn t talk to me his blessing are always with me. His movies are inspired me. My babi and my tata ..
Jackie Chan: (again ineterrupts his talk and he doesn t want to talk anymore about movies and he wants to shift the conversation to something else)
Jackie Chan: ARe you married?Jr.
NTR: NO, but, I fell in love with the beautiful girl in the world.
Jackie Chan with a surprise looks) dont tell me you are in love with KournikovaJr.
NTR: No, I am in love with sameeraJackie Chan: Who is she?
JR.NTR : you dont know her (surprise in his face). She is pretty, I cannot explain it you. But, I promised my mom and to the industry people that I never propose her to marry me.
Jackie Chan: Why?
Jr.NTR: They think it spoils my carrer.
Jackie Chan: Dont say that Holly wood industry said to you like thatJr.
NTR: NO Tollywood industry. My tata and my babai are responsible for raising of tollywood industry to this level. MY babai acted in two great movies. He really inspired me......
Jackie Chan ( angry, frustrated and cuts his bajana and asks): what is your name?
Jr.NTR: NTR, my mother put this name because my tata and my babai......Jackie Chan is so confused and ready to get down of that flight at next stop because the nextavailable empty seat is besides no other than Mr.Nandamuri kalyanram

Coversation between balayya and aish

Hilarious conversation between Balayya and Aishwarya RaiNandamuri Bala Krishna (balayya) desperately wanted to rope in theIndia's sizzling hot actess Aishwarya Rai in his next movie - AmbikaProductions or whatever. So he called up Aish. This is how theconversation happened--balayya: Hello Aishwarya jee, I am balakrishna
Aish: WHO???
balayya: It is me Aish jee, late N.T Rama Rao son. Youdon't know me?
Aish: Which one? I heard he's got almost a dozen ofthem.
balayya: Even I don't remeber which one. Do you read newspapers?
Aish: Yes, I do. why?
balayya: I did shooting last year and it came in all newspapers. It wasshown in TV also
Aish: Oh... So you just started ur career?
balayya: ababa nee yabba. No Aish jee. I mean not film shooting. Gunshooting.
Aish: What???? You shot someone?
balayya: Yes. I shot the producer and one more guy. but i shot in the backseat. So no death happened. You don't worry. I don't shoot heroines
Aish: You shot someone and You still doing films? How come?Aren't u supposed to be in Jail?balayya: hahahaha. kya Aish jee. tum bhi. I said I have mental.but in real I dont have mental. I just acted. very big action.It is in our family.
Aish: What is that in your family? Mental????
balayya: No Aish jee. Action is in our family. in our blood.
Aish: oh!balayya: And they really belived i am mental. hahaha
Aish: You bet. I have already started to believe it.
balayya: what?
Aish: Nothing. You go ahead
balayya: I want u act with me as heroine in my new film.
Aish: Let me see ur pic? where can i see it?
balayya: You go to
and see my pics. I am dancingwith katarnak kaif.
Aish: Yeah. I am there. What do I have to look for?balayya: I don't know. I don't know internet. My director showed me onhis computer
Aish: Oh! Ok I will find myself. By the way it's katrina kaifnot katarnak kaif: But I call ker kathi. It is easy for me.
Aish: You look very short. How tall are u?
balayya: 5'5"
Aish: What?? I am 5'9"
balayya: So what? I wear very high heel shoes. always u dont wear shoes.Problem solve. You acted in one movie with salman no?

Aish: Yeah but he has a great body and u r a fat azz with a big tummy
balayya: Thats not a problem. I never do in-shirt. Always shirt outside only
Aish: Was that a wig u wearing in the pics?
balayya: Yes. I have hair. But not enough for films you know.But don't worry. I have hair all over my body except on head.
Aish: In all my previous movies i ran my fingers through hero's hair? Ican't do that to u right?balayya: No problem. You can do with my chest hair. that way it is romanticalso. My fans like my romance very much.
Aish: Ok. I wanna know u better. tell me about your last film
balayya: Oh. It is a movie called vijayendra varma. Power of that I made lot of actions. u shud see that film. i fight with Pakistan.i don't know Hindi no? so i speak telugu with them. they understood.but public did not understand. that’s why it became flop. i wanted toshoot producer gain but already one case was going on no?
Aish: u spoke in telugu with Pakistanis? wow! why youtalking to me in English?
balayya: you very beautiful gal no? that’s why. so when u coming Hyderabad formy film?
Aish: whattttt? do u think i am crazy to do a filmwith you?
balayya: why? how much money u want? my producer will pay anymuch u want otherwise i will shoot him no?
Aish: these days telugu songs are being played in channel V and MTV.what would my friends think about me if they see me dancing with you?
balayya: pleaseeeeeeeeeeee
Aish: shut up and go shoot urself.

Superman 2010

Balayya kavitha

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